• Company founder and Director

Bart, a Dutch National, is the founder of SHRM Financial Services (Luxembourg) S.A., and initiated the SHRM network that is represented in Luxembourg, British Virgin Islands, Hong-Kong and New Zealand. Bart has been actively involved with the offshore financial services industry since 1985.

Bart’s career commenced in Jersey where he was with ABN Amro for 3 years as a Trust Officer.  In 1988 he joined Citco and relocated to the British Virgin Islands (BVI) at a time when the jurisdiction was gaining prominence as a key offshore financial centre.  He was subsequently promoted to Assistant Managing Director and posted to Luxembourg, where he was responsible for establishing Citco’s presence in the jurisdiction.

During 1993-1998, Bart was Managing Director of Bayard Luxembourg, a boutique Trust Company who specialised in administering sophisticated corporate and trust structures catering to the needs of high net worth individuals.

Bart initiated the establishment of SHRM in 1998.