The scope of Family Office activities covers various professional services including inheritance and family law aspects, corporate structure and corporate governance, contractual arrangements, as well as tax planning, financial services, and accounting support. SHRM offers a multi-function and service-oriented approach ensuring a tailor-made product which caters to each client’s specific needs.

SHRM Family Office provides a pivotal coordination role between  the following service providers as required,  for and on behalf of the” family” without interfering in the management of business or assets of its clients:

  • Tax advisors (national and international tax, tax consolidation and reporting, tax planning, tax domicile);
  • Wealth management advisors (analysis of assets, wealth management, consolidation, reporting);
  • Corporate legal advisors for Estate Inheritance planning (testament, transmission, donations, succession, restructuring of wealth through trusts, corporate and family foundations);
  • Fiduciary functions (corporate trustees, trust office, domiciliation agent, foundation, insurance experts);
  • Governance and family policy (definition of the roles of the members of the family), organisation of the day to day life of the beneficiaries (schools, charters, events etc);
  • Real estate agents/property managers;
  • Art advisors;
  • Risk Management advisors;
  • Philanthropic institutions.

Once the structure and selected specialists are in place, SHRM deals with the administrative tasks  in order to take away the daily concerns of the family. SHRM’s role can be as varied as required, from dealing with general administration, accounting, monitoring of personal accounts, and management of tax returns, to provision of private secretary, managing the payroll for household employees, the schooling of children, etc.