Services provided from Luxembourg: Corporate, FiduciaryFunds, Family Office.

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, a founding member of the European Union, is a leading provider of financial services to the international business community. The country is home to the European Investment Bank, the European Court of Justice and several other notable European institutions. The jurisdiction has expanded from a traditional centre for private banking to become the second largest domiciliation and management centre for investment funds globally. Luxembourg’s economic, political, legal and regulatory environment provides a stable and flexible framework for conducting international business. Its position at the heart of Europe provides a multi-lingual environment with a global perspective.

Luxembourg has an extensive network of double tax treaties as well as attractive corporate and indirect tax regimes providing for a range of regulated and unregulated investment vehicles, including the SOPARFI, Securitisation Vehicle, SIF and SICAR, as well as a beneficial IP regime.

SHRM Group (Luxembourg) SA was established on June 12, 2014. This entity operates within the offices of long established Luxembourgish law firm Faltz & Felgen. The Directors of SHRM Group (Luxembourg) SA are Bart d`Ancona, Rene Faltz, Laurent Barnich, Liliya Semenyuk, Ronan Kuczaj.

SHRM Group (Luxembourg) S.A. enjoys the benefits of being a fully integrated entity of the law office Faltz & Felgen, which enables clients to benefit from a wide range of services and support.