• Director (BVI, Hong Kong & Singapore)

Reid, a New Zealand national, is the Managing Director of SHRM Corporate Services (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. and SHRM Financial Services (HK) Limited. Reid studied Business in New Zealand and began his professional career in Luxembourg when he took up a position with Bankers Trust in 1991. After two years in Luxembourg Reid moved to London and spent a year working on contract assignments with several city banks. During 1994 he went to the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and managed an office for a prominent independent Trust Company. In October 1997 he relocated to Hong Kong and took up a management position for an international trust group and then went on to establish and manage the Hong Kong branch office for a combined BVI Law Firm & Trust Company. In 2003 Reid gained incorporation and regulatory approval for the SHRM venture in Hong Kong, where he continues to reside. He has extensive experience and expertise dealing with international clients in many diverse regions and jurisdictions. Reid has lived and worked in all but one of the countries where SHRM has an office location and was instrumental in the establishment of the office in Singapore at the beginning of 2012.